Three Effective Muay Thai Techniques That You’ll Want To Learn

It is true that learning Muay Thai in Thailand is the best way to learn the art. However, while the trainers there are good and all in teaching you the correct technique, there’s just some things that they won’t be able to teach you. Not that they’re not interested, but because of the language barrier between you, a foreigner, and a local Thai, it’s hard to learn LEARN all from your trainer.

Then again, that’s the purpose of articles such as this one, written by someone who’s had first hand experience in Muay Thai and much like you, is a foreigner.

Below are three effective Muay Thai techniques that are rarely taught by Thai trainers that, according to experience, should prove very useful:


  1. A Quick Left Kick

This is similar to a normal left kick, but the only difference is that you don’t switch your legs while throwing it. This makes it a lot quicker than a normal hit and allows you to land it without having to give yourself away defensively.

While this isn’t a kick that you can just throw anytime, as you or your opponent has to be in range, it is fairly effective. Even more so when used against opponents who are trying to knock you out with punches, or fighters who favor punching more than kicks.

Think of it as a quick flick or jab that can help throw an opponent off balance and disrupt their rhythm.

  1. Blocking With Lead Leg

Blocking with a lead leg isn’t usually recommended, but in a fight, you can use it to push away an opponent who’s trying to clinch you. Of course, you’d need to have proper posture, balance and control of your opponent to even attempt a block like this, so it’s not really recommended for novices.

The bad thing about this type of block is that if you’re not able to control your opponent, they can easily just sweep you off balance. This can prove dangerous and lead to a knockout if the opponent is smart enough to take advantage.

To pull this off successfully, you’ll have to train hard and work on your balance and control.

  1. Sweeping From Clinch

Basic, yet very effective, a clinch from a sweep isn’t something that’s usually taught, but one that you’d probably think of doing after being in a number of fights.

Then again, against a real opponent, such a basic thing to do will be really hard, and you’ll want to get the timing right for this to properly work.

The key to proper execution is to pull with your arm and leg at the same time, so as to be able to better throw your opponent off balance.

Whether you’re a novice fighter, or one that’s been in a handful of fights, you’re sure to benefit from all three techniques.

Do remember that they key to mastering and pulling these techniques off in a real fight is through proper training and practice. You’ll want to practice these techniques with a partner first, then slowly, use them during your regular sparring and clinching sessions.

This way, you’ll slowly incorporate the techniques into your mind and you’ll be pulling them off almost instinctively once in a real fight.

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